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Stephen Rothe

Stephen Rothe, has a Bachelors in Sports Health Sciences and soon to be Masters in Sports Health Sciences with a Concentration in Human Performance and Health/Wellness.  Stephen also holds a NCAA Personal Trainer Certification through National Academy of Sports Medicine, having various specializations in Performance Enhancement, Fitness Nutrition and Weight Loss Specializations.  Through his continued training he has spent 18+ years training individuals through the military as a Physically Training Leader, this is where he found his passion to become a certified as a trainer, thus being able to help others get back on track with their fitness. 

He has worked in numerous fields of medicine outside of fitness for the last 19 years, working as a Medical Technician for the United States Air Force. Places he has worked included the Intensive Care Unit, Emergency Room, Dermatology, Family Health, Educational Life Support Programs as the Program Director and even working multiple deployments dealing with high pace field trauma medicine services.  Stephens’s aspirations are to help others get back into living a higher quality of life, as staying active and physically fit plays a huge role in the psychological minds of any and all athletes.  

Words of Wisdom to leave you with. 

The body can pretty much do anything you ask it to; the biggest challenge is convincing your mind you can do it.

You miss 100% shots you don’t take. Take a chance and schedule a new workout with me today.



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